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Silver Chalice Wicca 'Zine #34: We're Back!
January 23, 2014

The Silver Chalice Is Back On Track

Merry Meet, Dear Wiccan! : )

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been in your inbox! (looks around) Things have changed a bit, haven't they! Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch ©

This is just a quick note to let you know that the Silver Chalice is up and running again.

It's been a long time, for which I apologise profusely. Being without a functional computer for over a year really threw off my publishing schedule. ; D

Now I'm ready to get back into the 'Zine, and I've got some new ideas cooking up in the ol' boiling cauldron.

Specifically, I think it's time to expand the parameters of the 'Zine. I used to think I had to keep it focused strictly on Wiccan subjects, but now I realise that there's a lot of room to expand what it means to be Wiccan.

I mean, I thought it was just me — doing all this sorta non-Wiccan spiritual stuff. For a while I even wondered if I should call myself Wiccan, when I don't necessarily celebrate the Sabbats but I do other stuff like Mantra.

I finally realised that being a Wiccan isn't what it used to be. (You'd think I knew that! Hahaha! And I did... but sometimes we have to get it at different levels. I finally got this one. Wicca Spirituality Winking Witch © )

So you’ll see some new stuff here, tips and techniques that will serve your evolution as a spiritual seeker in general, as well as a Wiccan in particular.

And of course, you’ll also see the stuff you've come to expect from the Silver Chalice — great articles and Wiccan tips.

So grab hold of your broomsticks, folks! Here we go…!

With Bright Blessings,

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